Unlike a “daycare”, Bright Start Academy focuses on developing the whole child by using each experience throughout the day as a learning opportunity. Our award winning programs recognize each child as an individual with different needs and abilities. We encourage our teachers to design their lesson plans to meet your individual child’s needs. Our teaching professionals work with the on-site Program Administrator in developing lesson plans that are specifically tailored for your child’s development with our Start Smart Curriculum. Bright Start Academy’s unique Start Smart Curriculum was developed by early childhood professionals and based on research to engage your child in hands-on learning. We recognize the importance of parents being involved in their child’s learning and strive to develop a partnership with our families to inform you of your child’s progress with ongoing and open communication.

Bright Start Academy’s state of the art schools are designed with your child in mind, giving them ample space to explore, learn, create, and be active. Bright Start Academy supports our professional educators through ongoing training and education – more than doubling the requirements from the State of Missouri. Numerous studies have demonstrated the connection between staff training and program quality. A “daycare” follows the State of Missouri licensing rules and regulations; we meet these standards and exceed them by adhering to National Early Childhood Program Accreditation (NECPA) standards. As always, Bright Start Academy’s goal is to exceed our parents’ expectations, to maintain high standards, and prepare each child with a strong educational foundation.

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