Safety & Security

Providing a safe, secure, and comfortable learning environment is our number one priority at Bright Start Academy. We make every effort to ensure your child is safe. Our centers have procedures and high standards in place that are strictly enforced by management. In order to keep each child safe in our care, Bright Start Academy requires a manager to escort each classroom while transitioning to and from the classroom. Together, the teachers and managers account for each child before, during and after the transition.

Each Bright Start Academy campus contains features to keep every child safe. The front entrance is secured with a keypad. Each current family will have their own PIN to allow access to the building during operating hours. A photo ID is required for all unfamiliar visitors. All outside doors are securely locked with alarms while the children are inside. Our buildings include child-friendly furniture and equipment that are “non-tippable” and our staff ensures equipment remains in good condition. Our staff actively supervises each child by sight and sound to ensure their safety.

Each building features: indoor and outdoor security cameras, burglar alarms, fire alarms, a well lit campus, telephones in every classroom, fall zones on the playgrounds, and 6-foot high exterior fencing around the campus. To ensure your child is safe, each teacher is required to receive training on emergency procedures, Safe Sleep and CPR/ First Aid.